He stands tall, bearded and blue eyed, with a thirst for adventure that bleeds from his freckled skin. A natural waterman, he is lanky with a calm, collected, casual approach to life. His intellect uniquely blends with his aesthetic stance, creating a rare vision. Eric meanders the land, embarking on a quest when he deems fit; he hunts Bass in the secret lakes of the south west, roams the high desert basins, crosses the pacific. Have you seen emerald blue water? What he sees whilst on these missions, he captures.

The images created from his collection of cameras hold an allure of their own. They are charming, unique, and beautiful. However not all beautiful, Eric has shown us third world - Real. Alarming. Beautiful. Let’s go.

His enthusiasm for emulsion is fueled by his distaste for the pixel. He holds high value in experimenting with development processes, and has great interest in trying new techniques, cameras, films and approach to his subject. A BA in Arts / Technology coupled with a degree in awesome and seasoned with years of experience has shaped Eric’s past. His future is bright.

Eric is a first-class friend. He is raw; a twinkle eyed gentleman, with blond eyelashes and hair the color of fire. He loves the Pacific, his dog, his gal, the surf! He will push you. He will not claim. He will not boast. He will show you, visually. He will share, and not waste. A good human.

What great talent. A gifted photograph maker will take you places - The bowels of a grinding wave - The depth of the high desert - The blue of the pacific - The cold of the winter - The heat of the tropics. Do you hear the wind rustling the grassy palm fronds? Do you smell the traffic in the city? I do. You will too. ewarnerphoto.com.

-James Tull

A few entries into Cal Trout’s photo contest. Check it out here.

Top: Mamiya 7 + Kodak Portra 400

Middle: Hasselblad X-Pan + Kodak Ektar

Bottom: Mamiya 7 + Kodak Portra 400

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